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Ultimate Landmine


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Unlock your full potential with the ULTIMATE Landmine!

This compact yet powerful training accessory is a game-changer. Here’s why:

Fluid Motion:
Our unique spherical rod end design allows the Landmine to rotate freely and smoothly, enhancing your functional movements and external rotation exercises.

Magnet Mounting:
Built-in magnetic stand ensures secure storage, stands upright against a shelf keeping your gym area free of clutter.

Barbell Sleeve Protection:
Say goodbye to scratches! The HDPE material shields your barbell sleeve, so you can focus on lifting without worry.

Landmine exercises are a form of weight training that can elevate your fitness level in many ways.

These versatile exercises help build strength and increase muscle mass. Landmine training also improves balance and stability while correcting body misalignments.

The landmine is a great tool to put athlete’s through combination multi-planar activity. the entire time you are performing movement, your shoulder (and your core) are working to stabilize against rotation.

Landmine also are great for accessibility when it comes to overhead pressing. While landmine pressing is nowhere close to the the scapular plane, the off centered, not quite overhead position of the landmine press is a hell of a lot closer to the mark than traditional overhead pressing and is a much more shoulder friendly pressing motion.

Universal Rack Fit: Whether you have a 2×2-inch or 3×3-inch rack, the ULTIMATE Landmine fits seamlessly. Plus, it accommodates 18mm or 27mm rack diameters.


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Additional information

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