Movestorm® Iso Lever Arm




Unlimited workout variations with the Movestorm® ISO-Lever Arm. nothing can stop you!
you can control your movements freely, complex or isolated. Compatible with any Movestorm Rack or rigs with Tube 3×3 ” (75 x75 mm) and 27-28 mm Hole diameter. Movestorm® ISO-Lever Arm gives athletes the ability to quickly reconfigure a unit for a wide range of different movements, without the need of a wrench or other tools.

There is a rubber bumper on the base of the arms to keep them from damaging the powder coat on your rack when they make contact with the upright.

paired the lever arms with quick-attach handles, with multiple grip options. These handles attach like J-cups, as a pin is inserted and the channel of the handle swings down. The handle is then locked into place using a chrome finished knurled knob and peg for plates loading.

using nylon rollers, 8mm thick steel mounting brackets, and precision machined handles for both the trolley and arms with Bronze bushings at the hinge point of the trolley ensure smooth movement

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
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