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These grips appear to be designed for dorsal training, offering a complete and effective solution for demanding athletes. Here’s a breakdown of the key features you mentioned:
  1. High Level Back Training: Movestorm®BATGRIP are designed to provide a comprehensive and effective dorsal (back) training experience.
  2. Maximum Comfort and Ergonomy: The pulley handles are made of high-quality steel and feature an innovative design. They are padded for a comfortable touch and have fully ergonomic grips to ensure an optimal training experience.
  3. 5 Types of Grip Models: The set includes five different types of pulls and oar grips, each with varying amplitudes and grip angles. This variety allows users to customize their training routine based on their preferences and specific workout goals.
  4. Protect Your Hands: Back routines are known for causing calluses and skin damage. Movestorm®BATGRIP are designed to prevent the appearance of calluses, providing protection for your hands during workouts.
Overall, it seems like Movestorm®BATGRIP aims to provide a versatile and comfortable solution for individuals engaged in high-level back training, addressing both the effectiveness of the workout and the protection of the user’s hands.


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