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Movestorm Deluxe Alpha Sandwich J-Cup, which is likely an accessory for a weightlifting rack or power cage. Here’s a breakdown of the provided information:

  1. Deluxe Alpha Sandwich J-Cup:
    • This is likely an upgraded or premium version of the standard J-Cup, which is a component used to hold and support the barbell on a power rack.
  2. Full Protection of Bar’s Knurl:
    • The J-Cup is designed to provide full protection for the knurling on your barbell. This ensures that the bar’s textured surface, which provides grip during exercises, is well-preserved.
  3. Larger Opening for Oversize Bars:
    • The J-Cup has a larger opening, making it suitable for use with oversize bars. This accommodates bars with larger diameters than standard ones.
  4. Compatibility:
    • The J-Cup is specified to be compatible with the Raptor, OG, and Lite Series. This means it can be used with different series of racks or cages from the manufacturer.
  5. Fitted for Tube 75x75mm:
    • The J-Cup is designed to fit tubes with dimensions of 75x75mm. This likely refers to the upright posts or columns of the power rack or cage where the J-Cup is intended to be attached.
  6. Hole Diameter:
    • The J-Cup has a hole diameter specified as 27-28mm. This indicates the size of the hole where the barbell rests. It’s important for ensuring a secure fit for the bar.

In summary, the Deluxe Alpha Sandwich J-Cup is a premium accessory designed for use with power racks or cages from the Raptor, OG, and Lite Series. It provides full protection for the bar’s knurl, has a larger opening for oversize bars, and is fitted for tubes with a dimension of 75x75mm and a hole diameter of 27-28mm. This type of accessory is crucial for a safe and effective weightlifting experience, ensuring the bar is securely held in place while minimizing wear on the bar’s knurl.

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Additional information

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