Movestorm® Wallmounted pull-up Bar


New Colors Movestorm® Pull-up Bar
is a Great choice for a chin-up and hanging workout and more space to do kipping pull ups
Colors : Red, Black Sand, Gold, Grey

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Movestorm Wall mounted Pull-up Bar
is an excellent choice for a chin-up and hanging workout and more space to do kipping pull ups.

Pairing an impressive level of quality with space-saving convenience, the Movestorm Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar is perfect for home and commercial gyms. It’s manufactured using the same steel as our rigs and racks, making it a durable, hard-wearing piece of kit.

The plPull-up Bar is well-suited fo facilities with limited space. You can also attach gymnastic rings, rubber bands, TRX etc
The Bar has an extremely Durable with Tube 60×60×3mm, grip bar 1 inch and base plate 6mm and cover with powder coated and can be attached to wall or ceiling.

Key Features:

  1. Chin-Up and Hanging Workout: Designed to provide an excellent choice for chin-up, hanging workouts, and offers ample space for kipping pull-ups.
  2. Quality and Durability: Manufactured using high-quality steel, similar to the material used in Movestorm rigs and racks, ensuring durability and toughness.
  3. Space-Saving Convenience: Ideal for both home and commercial gyms, offering a space-saving solution for facilities with limited space.
  4. Versatility: The pull-up bar allows for additional attachments such as gymnastic rings, rubber bands, TRX, etc.
  5. Construction:
    • Tube: 60×60×3mm
    • Grip Bar: 1 inch
    • Base Plate: 6mm
    • Powder Coated: Provides a protective and visually appealing finish.
    • Mounting: Can be attached to the wall or ceiling.


  • Suitable for a variety of upper body workouts, including chin-ups and kipping pull-ups.
  • High-quality steel construction ensures durability and longevity.
  • Space-saving design makes it suitable for gyms with limited space.
  • Versatility in attachment options allows for a range of exercises and training variations.

Movestorm Wall Mounted Pull-up Bar is a robust and versatile piece of fitness equipment suitable for different workout styles. Its construction, quality materials, and additional features make it an attractive option for both home and commercial gym settings.


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Additional information

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black, Blue, Gold, Grey, Red

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Pull Up Bar, Straight Bar, Multigrip Bar

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