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Movestorm® Speed Rope Raptor


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Movestorm® Speed Rope RAPTOR built for both the highest levels of competition ame the daily grind. With dual bearing system for smoother rotations and knurled aluminum handle for better grip.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Design: Built for both high levels of competition and everyday use.
  2. Dual Bearing System: Equipped with a dual-bearing system to ensure smoother rotations during use.
  3. Knurled Aluminum Handle: The handle is made from knurled aluminum, providing a textured surface for a better grip.


  • Suitable for athletes engaging in competitive activities as well as individuals with regular fitness routines.
  • The dual-bearing system enhances the efficiency and smoothness of rope rotations.
  • The knurled aluminum handle improves grip, contributing to better control during workouts.

This product description suggests that the Movestorm® Speed Rope RAPTOR is engineered with features to meet the demands of both serious athletes and individuals pursuing daily fitness routines. Users can expect a combination of durability, performance, and grip comfort with the dual-bearing system and knurled aluminum handle.


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Additional information

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