Movestorm Contender Weight Vest


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the Movestorm Contender Weight Vest Weight vest with removable solid metal that fit securely into 18 pockets on the fromt and back of the vest with a total weight of 20kg.

The Vest is a rugged, durable device with a fully-adjustable strap to ensure it fits exactly to your torso.

We guarantee that it won’t slop or sag, regardless of whether you’re running stairs, doing burpees or even bear crawling. The Vest is weighted with 1.1kg weights, each of which is secured snugly into its own Velcro pocket. There are 9 pockets on the front and 9 on the back to ensure even distribution. You can quickly and easily load or unload the vest to suit your needs

The Movestorm Contender Weight Vest is the best way to load a body-weight exercise because the weight is more proximal and is firmly secured around the torso. This will provide a better carry-over to a bodyweight chin because the movement pattern remains identical.

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