Movestorm HIP & Mobility Maker




Introducing the Movestorm Mobility Bench – a cutting-edge, flexible, and versatile training bench designed to revolutionize your fitness routine. Engineered with a fully adjustable saddle and frame, this bench offers unparalleled support and adaptability, catering to the needs of users at any fitness level.

Unleash the power of Movestorm as it supports a myriad of mobility exercises that other equipment simply can’t match. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your flexibility, strengthen your core, or target specific muscle groups, this bench is your all-in-one solution. Its unique design provides the benefits of a split-squat stand, hip thruster, and chair, offering a comprehensive workout experience.

Crafted with precision, the Movestorm Mobility Bench boasts a robust construction featuring a 3mm Tube. This ensures durability and stability, providing you with a reliable platform for your exercises. The sturdy build enhances the effectiveness of your workouts, making every movement more impactful and results-driven.

Key Features:

  1. Fully Adjustable: Customize your workout experience with a fully adjustable saddle and frame, accommodating users of all shapes and sizes.
  2. Versatile Mobility Exercises: Unlock a wide range of mobility exercises that go beyond the capabilities of traditional equipment, targeting various muscle groups for a holistic workout.
  3. Multi-Functional Design: Enjoy the benefits of a split-squat stand, hip thruster, and chair – all in one compact and efficient bench.
  4. 3mm Tube: The robust construction with a 3mm Tube ensures durability and stability, making your workouts more effective and secure.
  5. Suitable for All Fitness Levels: Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, the Movestorm Mobility Bench is designed to support your fitness journey at any stage.

Experience the next level of mobility training with the Movestorm Mobility Bench – where flexibility meets strength, and innovation meets results. Elevate your fitness routine and achieve your goals with this dynamic and versatile training companion.


Additional information

Additional information

Weight 80 kg
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