Movestorm® Hip Thrust Cushion


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Movestorm HipThrust Cushion: Optimal Support for Hip Thrust Exercises

Transform your workout routine with the Movestorm HipThrust Cushion, crafted from durable Super EPE foam and featuring a non-skid PVC cover. This cushion provides an ideal platform for hip thrust exercises, ensuring both comfort and stability during your workouts.

Key Features:

  1. Durable Construction:
    • Crafted from high-quality Super EPE foam, the Movestorm HipThrust Cushion is designed to withstand rigorous use, providing long-lasting support for your hip thrust exercises.
  2. Non-Skid PVC Cover:
    • The cushion features a non-skid PVC cover, enhancing stability and preventing slippage during workouts. This ensures a secure foundation for your exercises, allowing you to focus on form and strength.
  3. Multi-Purpose Design:
    • Beyond hip thrusts, the cushion’s versatile design makes it suitable for a range of exercises, including basic weight training exercises such as dumbbell chest press, flys, triceps dips, and more. Enjoy the flexibility to diversify your workout routine.
  4. Space-Saving Stacking Design:
    • The stacking design of these cushions makes them easy to store away when not in use. This feature is particularly beneficial for studios or spaces where storage is limited, allowing for a clutter-free environment.
  5. Anti-Slip Leather Base:
    • The HipThrust Cushion is equipped with an anti-slip leather base, adding an extra layer of stability by preventing the bench from slipping on the floor. Feel confident and secure in every movement.

Upgrade your workout experience with the Movestorm HipThrust Cushion — the perfect blend of durability, versatility, and space-saving design. Enjoy a stable foundation for your exercises and unlock new possibilities in your fitness journey.




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