Movestorm ECHO Free Pulley




The Movestorm ECHO Free Pulley is a Plate Loaded Pulley Attachment is the perfect cost-effective solution for adding cable exercises to your workout without the need of investing in large, bulky, standalone machines.
with a simple Loop Strap can be attached to your rig, rack or pull-up bar to transform it into a functional cable station; loading with your existing weight plates or even just strap on a Kettlebell and go!

Excellent for isolation and compound movements such as tricep extensions and lat pulldowns as well as providing a more stable range of motion, compared to that of free weights, for rehabilitation movements and exercises. Even for those who love hitting abs, weighted abdominal exercises such as standing and kneeling crunches can be easily performed to work the core muscles!

Even though it looks simple, this pulley attachment prioritizes functionality, comfortable movement like using a commercial pulley, and equipment durability. uses 6mm wire coated with polyurethane which makes the wire stronger and more durable. has rubber pads on the loaded pins which make it easier to load-out plates.

Storage is no issue with theECHO Free Pulley Attachment as it can be easily packed away making it the ideal choice for home gyms, compact fitness studios or CrossFit boxes looking to add to their movement toolbox, at minimal cost with a small footprint.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 38 × 17 × 17 cm
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We support delivery by private courier as well as by available expedition.

14 days return policy from receipt of goods and shipping costs borne entirely by the buyer.