Movestorm® Ultimate Power Rack


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Movestorm® Ultimate Power Rack

Power Rack with the most complete specifications, with commercial grade 3×3″ 11-gauge steel cubes with
Two size hole spacing 1″ for bench workout and 2″ pull and clean area. Equipped with various accessories and accessories such as pulley, multigrip and globe grip bars, safety straps, landmine, band pegs and storage.

It comes with 3 option,
1. BASIC series is a standard power rack that really supports your strength training! supported by a very strong j-hook sandwich, keeping your training safe and protect the knurled barbell

2. The PRO series gives the power rack additional useful attachments such as landmine, multigrip bars, multi globe pull up bars providing lots of variety in back exercises. then a very useful storage area such as storage for barbells, plates, rubber bands etc. as well as additional security when workout such as safety arms and safety straps

3. and INFINITY is the most complete model!
with the addition of 2 uprights at the back making this Power rack look tough, sturdy and very intimidating! having a weight stack pulley attachment (90kg) provides luxury and completeness in 1 power rack! it’s not finished yet, because we will still continue to develop on the INFINITY series. until in the end this is the ULTIMATE power rack that everyone dreams of


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