Movestorm® Ultimate Power Rack


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Movestorm® Ultimate Power Rack: Unleash Your Strength with Unmatched Specifications

Introducing the Movestorm® Ultimate Power Rack, a pinnacle of strength training equipment designed to meet the most demanding specifications. Crafted from commercial-grade 3×3″ 11-gauge steel cubes, this power rack is a testament to durability and reliability.

Key Specifications:

  1. Versatile Hole Spacing: Enjoy flexibility in your workouts with two hole spacing options – 1″ for bench workouts and 2″ for pull and clean areas. This design caters to a variety of exercises, ensuring a comprehensive workout experience.
  2. Comprehensive Accessories: The Ultimate Power Rack comes equipped with a range of accessories, including a pulley system, multigrip and globe grip bars, safety straps, landmine attachment, band pegs, and ample storage. This arsenal of features enhances the versatility of your workouts.
  3. Three Distinct Options:
    • BASIC Series: The standard power rack in the Movestorm lineup, the BASIC series provides robust support for strength training. The J-hook sandwich ensures stability and safety, preserving the integrity of your knurled barbell.
    • PRO Series: Elevate your workout experience with additional attachments such as a landmine, multigrip bars, and multi-globe pull-up bars. Enjoy practical storage solutions for barbells, plates, rubber bands, and enhanced safety features like safety arms and safety straps.
    • INFINITY Series: The epitome of completeness and toughness, the INFINITY series boasts two additional uprights at the back, creating an imposing presence. With a weight stack pulley attachment (90kg), this model offers luxury and completeness in a single power rack. The development of the INFINITY series is an ongoing commitment to achieving the ultimate power rack.

Unmatched Luxury with INFINITY: The INFINITY series is not just a power rack; it’s an experience. The added weight stack pulley attachment elevates your training to new heights, providing a comprehensive solution for your fitness journey. Movestorm is dedicated to continuous development, ensuring that the INFINITY series remains the ULTIMATE power rack that every fitness enthusiast dreams of.

Choose Movestorm® Ultimate Power Rack for a complete and unparalleled strength training experience. Unleash your potential and redefine your fitness journey with the ultimate in power rack technology.


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