Movestorm® Multi-Grip Barbell


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The Movestorm® Multi-Grip Barbell

Offers an innovative solution to enhance your barbell workouts by providing three distinct sets of grips. With angled grips spaced at 30 degrees and positioned 10 inches apart, along with two sets of neutral grips spaced at 20 inches and 28.5 inches apart, this barbell enables you to diversify your exercises effectively.

The versatility of this barbell allows you to target various muscle groups by easily transitioning from narrow to wide grips. Additionally, the inclusion of angled neutral grips enhances lifting comfort while reducing strain on your shoulders and wrists, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable workout experience.

You can incorporate a range of pressing movements into your routine, including bench press, incline press, floor press, and overhead press, utilizing the different grip options provided by the Movestorm® Multi-Grip Barbell. Furthermore, exercises such as bent-over rows, curls, and skull crushers can also be performed to further engage different muscle groups.

By flipping the bar over, you can access a new angled position, adding even more versatility to your training regimen. Whether you’re aiming to build strength, improve muscle definition, or enhance overall fitness, the Movestorm® Multi-Grip Barbell offers a comprehensive solution to meet your workout needs.

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Additional information

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