Movestorm® Raptor Power Rack


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The Movestorm RAPTOR Power Rack is the greatest Power Rack we’ve built. It comes with a variety of very essential Attachments! such as pulley, iso-lever arm,safety strap system, laser cut numbering on a premium powder coating and sandwich j-cups!

It is the most versatile power rack on offer for anyone training free weights, functional fitness, power lifting and more. Designed to withstand the use (and abuse) of even the busiest gyms.

The Reason why you have to buy Movestorm RAPTOR Power Rack

1. the Multi-function power rack is sufficient for all your strength training needs

2. you can make it your own with our huge selection of attachments,

3. You get quality equipment at affordable prices

4. The Raptor series continues to develop continuous attachments to match your training needs so buy one satisfied forever

Let’s Bring the RAPTOR home!

RAPTOR Power Rack is our top of the line power rack!
Featuring 4-way laser cut hole and numbered uprights 3×3 11-gauge steel (75x75x3mm) with oversize 1 inch diameter bolt hardware. This is commercial grade that are serious about stenght training.

Compatible with All attachment (Bulls dip, bar holder and portable plate storages).

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Additional information

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