Movestorm® Lite Power Rack


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Movestorm LITE Power Rack, including its features and specifications. This type of equipment is commonly used for strength training and powerlifting exercises. Here’s a breakdown of the key features mentioned:

  1. Construction:
    • The frame is built with 3 x 3-inch tubing, indicating a sturdy and robust structure.
    • The steel is 2mm thick, contributing to the rack’s durability.
  2. Versatility:
    • The power rack is designed for both home and commercial use, providing flexibility for different settings.
    • It comes with a standard 32mm pull-up bar, offering an additional exercise option.
  3. Compatibility:
    • The rack is compatible with a range of Movestorm accessories, allowing users to customize their workout station according to their needs.
    • This adaptability is useful for creating a comprehensive workout space without taking up excessive floor space.
  4. Pulley Attachment (Pro Series):
    • The Pro Series of the LITE Power Rack is equipped with a pulley attachment.
    • The double-pipe bearing pulley is designed to provide smoother motion during exercises.
    • This feature expands the range of exercises that can be performed on the power rack.
  5. Stability:
    • The rack does not require floor anchoring, thanks to the back stabilizing bar.
    • The stabilizing bar is essential for maintaining stability and sturdiness, especially during heavy lifts.
  6. Included Accessories:
    • Comes with a pair of Alpha sandwich J-Cups for securing the barbell.
    • Includes a pair of Safety Pipes, likely used for added security during exercises.
    • Two dowels are provided for plate storage, helping to keep the workout area organized.
  7. Footprint:
    • The basic footprint of the rack is specified as 145 x 126 x 213 cm, providing an idea of the space required.

Overall, the Movestorm LITE Power Rack appears to be a versatile and durable piece of equipment suitable for a variety of strength training exercises. The inclusion of the pulley attachment in the Pro Series enhances its functionality, and the stability features make it a reliable option for heavy lifting.


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