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Our slam balls are 50% thicker than standard slam balls, and also come with a reinforced air valve
Super strong and capable of withstanding thousands of slams!

The Normal medicine balls or wall balls can’t take that kind of abuse, but the Movestorm® Slam Ball is designed to be thrown to the ground thousands of times without breaking
Grippy textured rubber shell, with sand inside for weight.

Here are the key features highlighted:

  1. Extra Thickness: The Movestorm Slam Ball is 50% thicker than standard slam balls. This additional thickness likely contributes to its durability and ability to withstand intense slams and throws.
  2. Reinforced Air Valve: The inclusion of a reinforced air valve is a notable feature. This valve likely enhances the overall durability of the slam ball, ensuring that it remains structurally sound even with repeated use.
  3. Durability: The claim that the slam ball is “super strong” and capable of withstanding thousands of slams emphasizes its durability. This durability is a crucial factor for individuals engaging in high-intensity workouts involving frequent slamming and throwing.
  4. Designed for Intense Use: Unlike normal medicine balls or wall balls, the Movestorm Slam Ball is specifically designed to endure the high-impact stress of being thrown to the ground repeatedly. This makes it a suitable choice for workouts that involve rigorous slamming exercises.
  5. Textured Rubber Shell: The grippy textured rubber shell enhances the user’s grip on the slam ball. This is important for maintaining control, especially during intense workouts where hands may become sweaty.
  6. Sand Filling for Weight: The use of sand inside the slam ball provides the necessary weight for effective workouts. Sand is a common filling material in slam balls, offering stability and resistance during exercises.

In summary, the Movestorm Slam Ball appears to be a robust and well-designed piece of equipment, featuring extra thickness, a reinforced air valve, and a grippy textured rubber shell filled with sand. These features collectively make it suitable for high-impact, repetitive slamming routines, setting it apart from standard medicine balls or wall balls.


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