Movestorm® Raptor Multi Storage System


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The Movestorm® Raptor Multi Storage rack appears to be a versatile and customizable solution for gym storage needs, particularly for kettlebells, dumbbells, medballs, and bumper plates. The ability to select the preferred storage rack height (2-tier or 3-tier) and the type of shelf for each tier offers flexibility to tailor the rack to the specific requirements of the gym.

The inclusion of flat trays for kettlebells and dumbbells, as well as shelves for balls or bumper plates, adds versatility to the rack. This adaptability is beneficial for gym owners who may have different types of equipment that require organized storage.

The dimensions of the flat tray, being wider than other types, is a practical feature that allows for the storage of more dumbbells or kettlebells. This can be especially useful for gyms with a diverse range of weights and equipment.

The construction with 3×3″ 11-gauge steel tube uprights and a 5mm thick flat tray suggests durability and sturdiness, ensuring the rack can withstand the demands of a commercial gym environment. Overall, the Movestorm® Raptor Multi Storage rack seems to offer a combination of customization, versatility, and robust construction to meet the storage needs of a dynamic gym setting.

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