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Movestorm® Multi Hanger


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Movestorm®️ Multi Hanger

Movestorm®️ Multi Hanger—a sophisticated and practical storage solution designed to organize your accessories with style. This wall-mounted hanger features a sleek design crafted from a thick plate that is CNC laser-cut, providing not only versatile storage but also a luxurious touch to your training space.

Key Features:

**1. Stylish Design with CNC Laser-Cut Plate:

  • The Movestorm®️ Multi Hanger boasts a stylish design featuring a thick plate that is CNC laser-cut. This not only enhances its functionality as versatile storage but also adds a luxurious impression to your training area.

**2. Wall-Mounted with 10 Prongs:

  • This hanger is wall-mounted and equipped with 10 prongs, offering loads of convenient storage for lightweight accessories such as belts, bands, jump ropes, and even towels. Keep your training space organized and clutter-free.

**3. Easy Installation:

  • The unit is designed for easy installation, and it comes with a 12mm dynabolt (included in the packaging) that fits a 13mm mounting hole. This ensures a secure and straightforward setup process.

**4. Quick Access and Organization:

  • By using the Movestorm®️Multi Hanger, you not only clean up a cluttered training space but also make it easier for athletes to quickly find what they need every time they need it. Enjoy a well-organized and efficient workout environment.

Ideal For:

  • Belts, Bands, Jump Ropes, Towels, and More:
    • Store and organize a variety of lightweight accessories, making them easily accessible for your training sessions.


  • Material: Thick Plate with CNC Laser-Cut
  • Mounting Hole: 13mm
  • Dynabolt: 12mm (Included in Packaging)
  • Prongs: 10

Why Choose Movestorm®️ Multi Hanger?

  • Luxurious Aesthetic:
    • The CNC laser-cut plate not only provides functionality but also adds a touch of luxury to your training space.
  • Versatile Storage:
    • With 10 prongs, the hanger offers versatile storage for various lightweight accessories, ensuring a tidy workout area.
  • Effortless Installation:
    • The included 12mm dynabolt and 13mm mounting hole make installation easy and secure, providing a hassle-free setup process.

Elevate the organization of your training space with the Movestorm®️ Multi Hanger—where style meets efficiency. Enjoy the convenience of quick access to your accessories and maintain a clean, clutter-free workout environment.

Additional information

Additional information

Dimensions 60 × 13 × 10 cm
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