Movestorm Plyo Soft Box 2.0


Level 4 90 x 74 x 60 CM
Level 3 90 x 74 x 45 CM
Level 2 90 x 74 x 30 CM
Level 1 90 x 74 x 15 CM

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The Plyo Soft Box 2.0 4 Level is designed to elevate your training experience by incorporating plyometrics into your workouts. Plyometrics involves explosive movements that aim to increase power and strength. This box is specifically crafted to enhance your plyometric training with a focus on stability and versatility.

Key features include:

  1. Four Levels: The box offers four different height levels, providing a progressive range of difficulty for various fitness levels. This allows users to gradually increase the intensity of their workouts as they progress in their training.
  2. Stable Box Jump Patterns: The design of the Plyo Soft Box 2.0 facilitates stable box jump patterns in frontal, lateral, and transverse planes. This versatility is essential for targeting different muscle groups and improving overall athleticism.
  3. Target Markings: As part of the top surface design, the box includes target markings. These markings can serve as visual cues for users, helping them to aim and land precisely during their jumps. This adds an element of precision and challenge to the workouts.
  4. Lightweight: The box is designed to be lightweight, making it easy to move around and store. This feature is convenient for gyms or home workout spaces where flexibility and adaptability in equipment placement are important.

In summary, the Plyo Soft Box 2.0 4 Level is a versatile and practical tool for plyometric training. With its multiple levels, stability in various planes, target markings, and lightweight design, it offers a well-rounded solution for individuals looking to incorporate dynamic and challenging exercises into their fitness routines.

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Additional information

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