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Movestorm FS Squat Stands


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Movestorm FS Squat Stands

Introducing the Movestorm FS Squat Stands – a versatile and practical solution for your home or gym workout space. Designed with a focus on convenience, stability, and affordability, these squat stands are your go-to choice for a reliable fitness companion.

Key Features:

  1. Easy Transportation and Storage: The innovative 2-piece design of the FS Squat Stands ensures effortless transportation and efficient storage. Perfect for those with limited space, these stands make setting up and packing away a breeze.
  2. Space-Saving Design: Maximize your workout area with the space-saving design of each rack. Despite the compact nature, stability is not compromised – thanks to the wide base that guarantees a secure foundation for your exercises.
  3. H-Frame Bases for Stability: The H-frame bases provide a stable stance, instilling confidence during your squat routines. Say goodbye to wobbling and hello to a solid foundation for your lifting sessions.
  4. Versatility with Safety Arms: This rack comes equipped with a lower secondary set of arms, also known as safety arms, opening up a world of lifting options. Safely explore various exercises and enjoy the convenience of built-in bar storage.
  5. Adjustable for Your Needs: Whether you’re gearing up for bench press or squatting, the Movestorm FS Squat Stands are fully adjustable. Customize the height from 36″ (90cm) to 66″ (167cm) on the upright to accommodate users of different heights.
  6. Built to Last: While affordability is a key focus, these stands don’t compromise on sturdiness. The heavy-duty construction ensures durability and reliability, supporting weights of up to 300kg. Your fitness journey just found a steadfast companion.

Invest in Movestorm FS Squat Stands for a practical, space-saving, and budget-friendly addition to your workout space. Elevate your fitness routine with confidence and versatility.

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Additional information

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