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Movestorm® Adjustable Bench OG


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It sounds like the Movestorm® Adjustable Bench OG (AB-OG) is a versatile and high-quality addition to home gyms. The features mentioned, such as the solid steel frame, thick and grippy pad, and the ability to adjust to seven different angles, including flat, incline, and decline positions, make it a versatile choice for various exercises.

The mention of improvements in quality, while retaining the original pattern and design, is likely to appeal to users who appreciate consistency and reliability. The increased weight capacity of 500kg suggests durability and suitability for a wide range of strength training exercises.

The fact that it is described as a Full Commercial grade bench indicates that it meets high standards for durability and performance, making it suitable for both home and commercial gym environments.

For individuals looking to perform a variety of exercises, including sit-ups, the multi-functionality of the bench seems advantageous. The claim of setting new standards in terms of quality and price is also noteworthy, as it suggests that the AB-OG offers a competitive combination of performance and affordability compared to other benches in the market.

Overall, it seems like the Movestorm® Adjustable Bench OG (AB-OG) could be a reliable and versatile choice for those looking to enhance their home gym setup with a durable and multifunctional adjustable weight bench.


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Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 138 × 45 × 30 cm
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