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Movestorm® LOVE Plates


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Movestorm LOVE Plates

The perfect upgrade from usual workout gear

who say lifting has to be boring? let these colorful plates brighten up your workout!
these Movestorm LOVE Plates
inspired by the passion and love of women who dare to go against the stereotype that weight training is only for men!

By using these colors, you’re creating a visually appealing and inclusive environment

that may help attract individuals who discouraged by the traditionally intimidating colors often associated with weightlifting.

This effort demonstrates your commitment to making fitness and strength training more accessible and welcoming to a wider audience.

High density rubber with inserts that can withstand repeated drops and with minimal bounce.

you can grab these perfect Love plates set in 3 sizes ( 5, 10kg bumper plates and 2,5kg change plates )

own this limited collection, because we don’t always have it! grab the plates, have glitz and glam and still get gains!

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Additional information

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